photo by Jeff Schewe

I stood in a field in Palouse, the sun setting. My Alpa camera, Rodenstock lens, 80mp PhaseOne digital back was in place on the tripod. As the sun sank lower, I tried to get Live View working but was having trouble. Abandoning the distraction of all the gear, I stopped to simply watch, enjoy the sunset. 

I reached into my vest to pull out my iPhone, hoping I might still catch some of this beauty. I opened Hipstamatic, deciding to give the app a try. Setting the iPhone atop all my exotic gear, I snapped my first Hipstamatic exposure, John S lens and Ina's 1969 film. I was stunned. 

I started to use the Hipstamatic App exclusively as we moved around the Palouse. The closer I pushed the iPhone to a subject the better the images became. I moved the camera at angles and levels I could never have done with my Alpa on a tripod. There was such liberty in this-being able to wave the camera around and simply click. 

As I traveled, I began to use the iPhone and the Hipstamatic app more as a primary camera. And with each new iPhone the images keep getting better.

If you would like to see more of my work - not with Hipstamatic- please visit PAULTORNAQUINDIC.COM. Or feel free to email me with the link below.